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Blast Absorption Systems is a research and technology development specialist business that focuses on creating new protection technologies for defence and civilian applications

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Blast Absorption Systems Ltd (BASL) was formed to investigate and develop a patented Blast Protection System, devised by Chartered Architect Simone de Gale ARB RIBA, which utilizes the concept of pre-stressed components to absorb and counter blast type stresses with a reduction in weight.  The technology has a wide range of applications across a broad spectrum of military and civilian fields.  The Company was incorporated in 2009 with a number of founder partners and shareholders.

The idea was originally conceived as a means of reducing the weight and cost of a building and is particularly relevant to blast proof building construction.  Opportunities have been developed for applications where the increases in strength and stiffness properties and reduction of weight of BASL® bending pre-stress technology are a key benefit.

Stronger and lighter engineering, manufacturing and construction materials will improve designs and save costs across a wide range of applications.

Applications include providing increased survivability from IED attacks against vehicles in the land environment. It is particularly suitable for light and medium armoured patrol vehicles and vital parts of command and logistic vehicles. The technology is integrated into the vehicle design.

Throughout the world there is increasing concern about security and safety of personnel, be they from armed forces, government servants or non-government organizations, and our intended research areas and sectors produces blast absorption products that increase protection, security and safety in hostile environments, especially where IEDs are a threat.


The present invention is directed to the use of one or more pre-stressed curved members, to enhance the strength of any curved structure. It is envisaged that the use of pre-stressed curved members in a range of curved structures could be applied to shaped sections of armour for the protection vehicles, buildings or personnel.

A proof of concept R&D project with world leading scientists concluded that “No competing blast resistant methodologies were found that present a direct challenge to the BASL® innovation.”  The report highlighted that the BASL® approach was indeed a novel and fertile area for development.  It was found that the BASL® bending pre-stress technology offered an increase in resistance to blast and an increase in absorption of energy from blast and the study pointed the way towards producing optimal designs.

Proof of concept destructive tests concluded that the clearest results were that a curved, composite panel, made from materials already developed for personal protective armour and subject to bending pre-stress, showed approximately double an increase in energy absorption and resistance to impact compared to a similar panel that was not pre-stressed.  The authors noted, “…demonstrated by the energy in the projectile rebounding from the impact, which was at least twice as much in the case of the non-pre-stressed panel, indicating the superior energy absorbing capability of the pre-stressed panel system”.


The range of skills provided by the team includes construction architecture, product engineering and materials science, business management, force and technological development of the armed forces, entrepreneurship in developing invention startups, a management consultancy, accountancy, marketing, and long term service in the maritime forces.

This strong team remains in place and has been supplemented by access to Ministry of Defence (MoD) grant funding to develop the technology to Technology Readiness Level Six (TRL6), connections at world renowned universities, which have provided access to develop theoretical analysis, mathematical equations, and to conduct experimental work, connections in industry to evaluate the appropriateness of the technology further.

Simone de Gale

Simone de Gale

Simone de Gale is the Chief Executive and Inventor of Blast Absorption Systems Limited. Simone leads and coordinates the ongoing development of our ideas and concepts. Simone is a Chartered Architect and Designer with a BA in Architecture from the University of Westminster, a Professional Diploma in Architecture from the University of East London, and Professional Practice regulatory accreditation at the Architectural Association(AA). Her professional experience spans both private and public architecture, and includes property developments worldwide. Simone initiated an exploratory Architect’s practice in 2009, and it when engaged on a design project, that she developed the Blast Absorption Systems Protection Technology Concept.

Eric Newman

Eric Newman

Eric Newman is Chairman of Blast Absorption Systems with lead responsibility for commercial evaluation and negotiation with partners. Eric has a distinguished international business executive career spanning over 40 years. A Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Eric has held executive commercial positions for a large number of major international organisations before starting his own management consultancy and interim executive practice.

Julian Wathen

Julian Wathen

Colonel Julian Wathen is Director of Business Development, spearheading the ongoing development and implementation of our commercialisation strategy. A former professional soldier in the British Army, Julian has seen active service across armoured, counter-insurgency and peacekeeping operations. A graduate of the Army and Defence staff colleges, Julian applies his unique experience in leading capability development for all the armed forces as part of the MoD Directorate of Force Development to identifying applications of our protection technology. Awarded an MBE for operational staff work in the Balkans, he has an MPhil in International Relations.